Legacy Affordable Burial, Cremation and Caskets
Legacy Affordable Burial, Cremation and Caskets

Providing a complete line of monuments to meet each families needs.

Legacy Affordable Burial , Cremation and Caskets  affiliates  have been providing solace and support to handle funeral and burial services for loved ones in Alaska  for over forty years. We will help take care of all the funeral arrangements so you don't have to think about planning anything in this difficult time by using our preneed service plan.


We care deeply about all our Alaska residents and will put together the best possible farewell and memorial service for your loved one. We arrange traditional funerals as well as cremation services for all faiths.


We pride ourselves in the specialized care and service to our veteran families as well as The Alaska Native's, Hmong, Samoan and Fillipino families providing transportation of their loved one to anywhere in the world at the lowest cost possible.

We will be at your side with honest and personalized attention, providing the support your family needs in this time of loss and deep sadness. Please let us know what we can do for you.

The Funeral Dogs

Jared received Hook from Steve when his father-in-law passed away. Max is Hook's litter mate. The dogs have been coming to work with Steve and Jared for some time. We believe animals can give comfort to those who are grieving. Hook can give hugs on command. In order to keep the legacy of our funeral dogs alive, a new female has been introduced into the family named Meeka. When she is old enough she will be bred with Hook. Perhaps someday you will be greeted with a Border Collie and a hug at each of our Funeral Homes.

Thank You for letting us serve your family,

Steve Novakovich and Jared Dye, owners









Legacy Affordable Burial, Cremations and Caskets will advise and help you plan a respectful, dignified funeral service for your loved one. We will take care of the necessary formalities for you, answer all of your questions regarding funeral services, and handle the organization of the entire process for you.

Always There for You

You can reach us at all hours for immediate guidance and support through making arrangements.


Legacy Affordable Burial and Cremation  Service

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What to Do in the Event of a Death?

Call 907-222-5985  for a 

 Funeral Director to assist you.

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