Legacy Affordable Burial, Cremation and Caskets
Legacy Affordable Burial, Cremation and Caskets


ANTIQUE BLUE                                                                         Gasketed Casket    $2995.00

Medium Weight 18 Ga. Steel, Antique Blue with Light Blue Crepe Interior

ARIES BLUE                                                            Gasketed Casket                $1895.00

Lightweight 20 Ga. Steel, Blue Finish, Light Blue Crepe Interior

ARIES ORCHID                                              Gasketed Casket                 $1895.00

Lightweight 20 Ga. Light Purple, Moss Pink Crepe Interior

ARIES WHITE                                                   Gasketed Casket              $1895.00

Lightweight 20.Ga. Steel, Whit Finish, White Crepe Interior

ARIES SILVER                                                   Gasketed Casket                 $1895.00

Lightweight 20 Ga. Steel, Silver Finish, White Crepe Interior

ARIES COPPER                                                    Gasketed Casket              $1895.00

Lightweight 20 Ga. Steel, Copper Finish, White Crepe Interior

                                                          WOOD CASKETS

HARTFIELD HARDWOOD                                      Non-Gasketed Casket      $4595.00

Traditional Hard Wood, Victorian Cherry Stain, Rosetan Crepe Interior

FINLEY PINE                                                  Non-Gasketed Casket        $3695.00

Soft Wood Pine, Traditional Clear Stain, Rosetan Crepe Interior

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